Accessing Information Navigating in a 3D Interactive Environment

Pecchioli Laura

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Within the framework of a European PhD, the development phase of a prototype 3D visualisation and data access system applied to cultural heritage is described in the publication of this research project. In recent years, it has been cited as state-of-the-art in several works on building 3D web environments. The significance of its contributions is highlighted by the meticulous development of the interdisciplinary results in close collaboration with prestigious institutions like Sant’Anna - Scuola Universitaria Superiore Pisa (PERCRO laboratory) and the Technical University of Berlin (Institut für Geodäsie und Geoinformationstechnik, Technische Universität Berlin).
I am extremely thankful for the academic growth and assistance provided by the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca during this journey.

Autori / Curatori

Laura is an architect and PhD student in Technology and Management
of Cultural Heritage (TMCH) by IMT Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies
(Institutions Markets Technologies) and she will discuss it in European
Her work’s goal is the development of new method to access georeferenced
information through the interactive navigation of a synthetic
3D model that is called ISEE.
She worked in two main groups of research during the university of
architecture in Florence, where she graduated (with the maximum mark,
110/110 cum laude). She got through the Architect State Examination
in Florence. Laura was lecturer in Department of Architectural History
and Restoration in Florence for two years before coming in Germany. She
She attended to various expeditions of archaeological restoration (such as
in Jordan) and she got two fellowships at the Scuola Normale Superiore
di Pisa in GIS (Geographic Information System) among her courses of
Her passion has been always the technology applied to the Cultural
Heritage, in particular in restoration yet from the bachelor. She was a
chief of a Studio of young architects, before the decision to follow the
Research’s field.
In Germany she collaborated with Professor H. Leitner of the “Hochschule
fur Bildende Kunste Dresden” into the project of restoration of the
Crypt of the cathedral of St.Servatius in Quedlinburg (UNESCO), Saxony-
Anhalt, Germany. Now, she is working in the Institut fur Geodasie und
Geoinformationstechnik of in Technische Universitat in Berlin with Prof.
T.H. Kolbe. In Italy she always publishes articles in the field of restoration
of monuments. The last publications of Laura are mainly on the work of
PhD Doctorate.